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Benchwheel Electric Skateboard Dual 1800W

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Long board format (size: 36 In x 9.4 In x 5.9 In / weight: 15.2 lb) available in two shapes
Two custom high-powered brushless motors (max output 1800 watt each, 270 kV) provide top speeds up to 20 mphh with strong acceleration, uphill climbing capability and regenerative braking.
Ergonomic 2.4G remote controlling driving modes (speed/energy saving) and direction. The controller employs sine-wave modulation allowing fine-grained speed control compared to many other competitors.
Extra big 8.8 Ah (210 Wh) battery pack extends the driving range up to 12 miles. A big battery pack provides not only extended range, but also a higher sustained peak discharge for speeding and climbing.
Samsung batteries with high discharge. LiFePo4 batteries possess superior thermal and chemical stability which provides better safety characteristics than those of Lithium-ion.


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