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HAIT Four-Wheel Electric Skateboard Waterproof with Body Remote Control

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Dual-mode driver, FOC sine wave drive frame ESC and power system, motor control transition is more stable, (EBS) kinetic energy recovery function is stored and reused by motor power generation, increasing skateboard cruising range, flexible electromagnetic brake function, independent Hall error correction and repair function
The diameter of the inductive direct drive motor is increased to 90mm, which improves the heat dissipation performance of the entire air convection cooling system. The sides of the engine are designed as honeycomb (radial) heat sinks to increase the heat dissipation area and improve the heat dissipation effect.
The nickel plate connection integral fixed frame makes the skateboard battery very stable and safe. The BMS intelligent power management system cooperates with the anti-potential braking technology of the main control board to convert the kinetic energy of the brake into electric energy and save it into the battery, The number has increased to 20, making the power life outstanding and can drive 28 kilometers at a time.
High-strength synthetic composite material to maximize the design of the 31-inch body while reducing weight, The remote control is ergonomically designed to support 2.4 / 5.8GHz FM dual band, no blind zone communication
The main board and battery are fully embedded in the integrated diamond plate. The motor is completely enclosed in the rear wheel, providing up to IP65 dust and water protection for the entire vehicle. The anti-slip mat is made of PVC and PEA synthetic material and is non-slip through the embossing roller process line


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