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YFQH Adult Mini Two-Wheeled Electric Folding Bike Electric Skateboard

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Shows the start of the journey, intuitive and easy to use, the battery 6AH lasts for a long time, achieving an incredible autonomy of up to 32 km (the autonomy varies depending on variables such as friction and user weight)
One multi-purpose: configure USB charging port, can be used as charging treasure, multiple purposes
Ultra-bright LED headlights with high illumination for increased driving safety, with an incredible LED lighting system that significantly enhances the visibility of scooters for nighttime cars and pedestrians, activates brake lights while braking, and displays Screen, speed preview at any time, mileage, speed, lighting display are visible
The sturdy damper wheel provides a more comfortable ride experience. The front and rear tires have good cushioning and anti-slip performance. The maximum load capacity of the skateboard is 120KG.
Skateboard volume after folding: 65cm * 26 cm


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